Exploring the Building: Post 1

Mind Map:screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-12-00-00-pm

Phone Mining:

Kind of Phone: iPhone 6, Gold, 16 GB

Storage Available: 2.46 GB

Number of Photos: 49

Number of Videos: 63

Number of Apps: 23

Number of Contacts: 138

Current Battery Percentage: 87%

Current Number of Apps that Need Updating: 1

Current Number of Conversations through Text: 11

Current Number of Voicemails: 14

Most Recent Call: Tori (my little sister)

Number of Favorite Contacts: 8

Current Number of Unread Emails: 6

Number of Social Media Apps: 7

Most Used App in the Last 24 Hours: Snapchat (55 mins)

Least Used App in the Last 24 Hours: Timehop (1 min)

Most Used App in the Last 7 Days: Snapchat (3.4 hrs)

Least Used App in the Last 7 Days: Safari (10 mins)

Number of Instagram Followers: 494

Number I’m Following on Instagram: 191

Number of Instagram Posts: 1295

Last Instagram Post: August 20th

Number of Twitter Followers: 323

Number I’m Following on Twitter: 124

Number of Tweets: 10.3K

Number of Photos and Vines on Twitter: 454

Last Tweet: 20 hours ago

Number of Best Friends on Snapchat: 6

Current Snap Score: 21,713

Current Number of Snapchat Trophies: 14

Number of Pinterest Followers: 239

Number I’m Following on Pinterest: 135

Number of Pins: 7.0K

Number of Friends on Facebook: 330

Number of Groups on Facebook: 4



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