Exploring the Building: Post 3


To learn more about Powell Campus Center, I sat in the lounge on the second floor and listened and focused on all the different sounds I heard around me. Many I was expecting to hear, but as I listened closer, I heard some sounds I wouldn’t normally think anything of. I heard many conversations between students, talking about classes they were in or wanted to take next semester, what their plans for the rest of the day and the weekend are, telling funny stories of something that happened to one of their friends, and conversations in the bookstore between students and employees. I also heard parts of conversations that seemed far away, perhaps being down the hall, in a different room, or maybe even on another floor. I saw people eating lunch during these conversations, and people who simply ran into someone they knew and asked how they were doing. People were watching videos and doing homework on the computers, playing video games on the tv, and sitting alone studying. Many people walked up and down the stairs, with the sound of footsteps being almost constant. One specific thing I noticed about footsteps is how different they can sound depending on who is walking. A small girl probably walks with a much quieter foot step than a football player might. I also noticed how Powell really is a “center” of campus. I saw people enter and leave the building constantly. Some I knew, some I didn’t, which makes me assume all majors, all years come into Powell fairly often.  I heard chairs moving on the floor, being pulled out and pushed in, both on this floor and the floor above me. Doors opened and closed often as people came in and out. One sound that I heard that I forgot could be heard was the ding of the elevator opening and closing. Zippers from book bags and jackets had a distinct sound, along with the sound of keys of keyboards, a door creaking open, keys making noise at the end of lanyards, and pens clicking. The one constant sound I heard throughout the entirety of my session of close listening was a faint buzzing, maybe from the lights or the multiple desktop computers that were running or maybe even a vending machine. I couldn’t tell exactly where it was from, whether it was from a single source or a combination of multiple. I learned just how many people interact with this building at a constant rate by simply listening to all the noises and sounds that is created in the space. I also thought about how I contributed to the sound in the space, when I was ruffling through my book bag for a pen or the pen moving across the page while I was writing what I heard, and what my footsteps sounded like.



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