Exploring the Building: Post 4

Since I left campus for the weekend, I decided to research Powell by memory. Last night, I decided to quickly sketch the hall of the first floor of the building. Having sketched the pattern of the brick flooring as one of my 25 stick and ink drawings, I tried to remember how they connected, but I couldn’t remember the exact pattern. I tried my best, but especially as I tried to make the bricks smaller to create depth, it got harder to continue to recreate the pattern.


Next, I attempted to remember what my mailbox looked like. I knew the number and remembered that there was multiple edges of the box, but I couldn’t remember how many and where the placement of the number and the lock was, so I tried to place them as best as I could.


With this exercise, I realized that you may think that you know a space or an area, but when you try to remember specifics, you become unsure and realize you may not know it like you think you did.


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