Exploring the Building: Post 5

As I got to campus late today, I didn’t go into Powell. I thought about what I should do for this post, and decided to simply think back to the basics of what I knew about the building.

Obviously, Powell is a place where students can go to eat, study, hang out, shop at the book store and check their mail, among many other things. Students go through Powell almost daily to do any of these things. These places, the dining hall, the lounges, the book store, the mail room, are all places many students go through, but there are a few quiet, unnoticed spots of the building that I have come to love.

The first is a corner of the lounge on the second floor. The little red couch, every time I see it or go to sit, it is empty, along with the two little tables that are in that same secluded corner. This little corner is where I did my listening on Friday, and sitting there made me love the quiet little space.

The next area I have come to enjoy being in is the small area across from the Knight Club. I see students hanging around this area more than the spot in the lounge, but still isn’t nearly as busy as other areas of the building. I like sitting here because I can see the many people coming through the set of doors and still feel as though I can get work done if I need to.

These two areas of the building I feel often go unnoticed, but that is what I find so attractive about them. I always like to see the beauty in areas or places that don’t often get seen, and these small areas of the building have quickly become two of my favorite spots on campus.


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