Interventions: Post 1

As a group, we came up with these spaces as possible places to explore:

Binns Merrill
King Alfred
Football field
Old Miller building
Miller theatre
The traffic light
Tennis courts
Alumni hall parking lot
Terra cotta
Moka joka
Courtyard (area around King Alfred Statue)
Harder courtyard

These are our strategies of research:

Rubbings from surfaces
Walk perimeter
Picture every chair
Focus on smells
Focus on sounds
Map area
Ask people about it
Count people in each room
Draw every window
Sleep there
Skate through it
Crawl through it
Write about it
Take pictures of people
Paint people
Draw people
Listen to people
Take the temperature
Air pressure
Walk through it
Sit on it
Test the echo
Scale the walls/poles
Find the highest point
Write a screenplay about it while you’re in it
Weigh objects
Find out the buildings usefulness/purpose
Invite as many people as possible into space
How many people are interested in the space
Pass flyers about an event in space
Strip in the space
Record yourself walking through
Find out hours of operation

These are ways in which we could effect or disrupt the space:

Kill someone
Throw a chair
Sit down on the table for an hour
Block the door
Run up and down the stairs as loud as possible
Make a human wall
Play human knot
Block windows with paper


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