Interventions: Post 2

We were told to research the new space we picked (Moka Joka) both as a group and individually within an hour. 

Individually, I took a lot of pictures and decided to write about the sounds and smells I experienced:

I currently smell dish soap, and hear people talking and paper moving. I also hear Bri and Mackenzie taking rubbings of the surfaces within the room. There are dishes being put away and I think I hear a vacuum running. It is pretty quiet in here right now because it is only 9:15. Only a couple people have walked by since I started listening. The vacuum is getting louder, and it is almost the only thing I hear going on, other than a door that just shut and the occasional conversation or dish being set down. I also hear the sink running on the other side of the wall of the Joka, since I am currently in the lounge area on the couch. I also hear my keys typing whenever I document another sound I hear. The smell of dish soap has gone away, and I don’t really smell anything in particular right now. The vacuum just stopped and I hear keys jingling in someones pocket. I also hear more small things, such as a spoon hitting the side of the mug and a page turning. There is music playing really quietly from the Joka that I didn’t notice when the vacuum was running. I hear the pencil on the paper of other people doing research in this room, and a faint humming just started but I don’t know what it is from. The vacuum noise started again so it is muffling out other sounds again. I hear a stool moving over in the Joka now, and still hear the spoon against the edge of the mug since I know know that sound is there.


As a group, we decided to make a story together:

Today at the Moka Joka, I tripped and hit my head. And when I hit my head, I couldn’t help but poop my pants. I went to the bathroom. I cleaned myself. Then I sat down for a bite. I decided to order everything on the menu. The barista told me no. I got so mad that I got up to walk away and I tripped and fell again. I said bitch, you made me fall. He just stared at me. He insulted me. He laughed. That made me more angry I started to cry. So I decided to go to the couch and take a nap. I fell into a deep slumber that lasted 10,000 years. I was very surprised when I woke up. I started playing the piano. I realized that dinosaurs returned. Then I realized I didn’t know how to play piano. Then I stood on the piano and smashed it. This disrupted a dinosaur nearby and it started to chase me. I realized this wasn’t a Jurassic Park, It was a Jurusik Park and a Maddi-saurus Rex was chasing me. I fell again. I got back up and sat on the couch. I hid behind the couch. To my surprise, the Maddi-saurus Rex couldn’t lift the couch. I survived because she couldn’t get to me. The end.



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