Interventions: Post 3

On Tuesday, I immersed myself in the world that is Moka Joka. I decided to do a lot of my individual research on this day and my group also got a lot of our group research done, as well.

The first thing I decided to do as individual research was to sit in the lounge and count how many people came in and out, how many people walked by, and what those people were doing. I began my research at 12:10, and ended at 1:20. When I started, there was 3 other people in the lounge other than me. I began tallying as people came in and out, came, left, and came back, and also those who just walked past. In total, within the hour and 10 minutes that I kept track, 20 people came into the Moka Joka lounge. Meanwhile, 23 people left, meaning that by the end of my research I was the only one left in the room. The busy hallway next to the lounge brought exactly 85 people through the space, showing how busy the area is and how much traffic it gets.

During the slow times in this research, I decided to completely recreate the message board that is hanging in the lounge. Although I couldn’t get the proportions of some doodles and writing right, I managed to fit every piece of information that is on the board on one page in my sketchbook, and it looks pretty close to the board, as well. I actually really enjoyed carrying out this form of research because I got to try to recreate exactly how other students wrote something or drew something and got to take the non-permanent white board and place it forever in its current form in my sketch book. It feels as though I took this moment in time at Joka and captured it in the form of the message board.


Next, I decided to take my group’s first research project and my first individual research product and combine them. I printed both our group’s random story that we came up with and my descriptions about the smells and sounds of Joka. I cut both of them up into individual sentences or groups of sentences and put them together into one weird story that doesn’t really make all that much sense. I like how it doesn’t make too much sense though, because you can read both the two stories as separate things, or take it all in as one wacky story.


Next, I did a painting out of coffee and ink. I sat at the counter of Joka with a cup of coffee, a cup of ink, and a cup of water. I painted random things that I saw and liked. I have always wanted to try painting with something other than paint, but simply never got around to it, so I took this as a good opportunity.


While I was creating this painting, I talked to my friends who were with me who works at Joka. This is the information I got out of them:

Do you like working at Joka?

Amy: Yes I like working there.

Maggie: Yes

Is it worth not getting paid?

Amy: It keeps me busy on Thursdays, I don’t have any other classes so it makes me feel like I get something done in my day.

Maggie: I get a lot of work done while I’m there so yeah.

Would you work more often if you could?

Both: No

What made you want to work at Joka?

Amy: I don’t know, I did that stuff at home so I wanted to.

Maggie: Free coffee.

Whats the first word you think of when you think of Joka?

Amy: Coffee

Maggie: Moka

Next, I took pictures of micro-views that I feel make Moka Joka what it is. It is things that people don’t necessarily notice, but when they do, they enjoy it and see how unique of an area it is.

Next, I decided to make a sculptural piece. I had a lot of fun making this piece.

Next, I created a blueprint of Joka from memory.


These are the last 8 of my Individual research activities. The first two are on my last post.


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