Final Reflection

For most of the week, I didn’t like this project. I think that this was because none of us were really the biggest fans of our intervention. All the way through Tuesday we hadn’t carried out either of our two interventions, and we barely had enough pillows, I thought, to carry them both out.

For most of the day today, I really felt that the group was at a disconnect and that we as a whole didn’t really wanna work on the project.  I was getting worried about how it would turn out and whether it would really even be actually finished.

Now that the day is over and all that we can do has been done, I feel a lot more confident in both my efforts and the efforts of a few others in the group. The couple expansions of the original interventions I participated in with a few other group members really made me a lot more confident in whether the intervention was a success or not. I believe that the intervention at Moka was more successful than that at the King Alfred Statue, but more effort was put into the one at Moka since it was our original research site and our main focus as a group.

If we could’ve gotten more organized more quickly, I would’ve loved to try to expand more on the intervention at the statue. That is the one thing I wish that was done differently within this group project, better organization and communication throughout the group as a whole.

All in all, I am proud of the fact that we truly were able to intervene on the space, and I think the thing that proves it is the picture of the people reading our “Uncomfortable Questions in a Comfortable Space” questions and talking about them. I think the fact that we got people to think about something without automatically thinking it is an art project (especially being in the art building) is definitely a success, and I think that specific activity we carried out really showed the way the space can possible cycle being comfortable and then being uncomfortable and then being comfortable again. That was the moment when I realized that we had succeeded in this intervention and felt confident in what we had done.


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