Interventions: Final Post

This week, I set up a bunch of pillows to be made, pinning them and laying out fabric so that they could be sewed up and stuffed. Here is what that looked like:


That big pile of fabric might not look like much, but it is, in fact, at least 20 potential pillows.

Since I have no sewing experience, I asked my group to take these and make the pillows. Only 8 were actually made, but we worked with what we had, which was 2 seemingly broken sewing machines and not much free time. Here are our pillows:


We now have to actually intervene on our spaces. Of course our first, is the Moka Joka. We wanted to expand on the comfort of the area, and pillows seemed like one of the only comfortable things that Joka lacked. We also attempted to ask what ways Moka could be improved, but this method of asking for written responses didn’t give us as many suggestions as we hoped:


Some responses we got when we asked about the pillows were the following:

“I was cuddling a pillow earlier, that was cool.”

“I like them”

“I think they’re awesome cause there aren’t many pillows and it makes it more comfy for nappers and workers.”

“They were a delightful surprise that comforts my day.”

“On a scale of one to ten, during my nap the pillow was a 9.”

To expand on this idea, some of the group also wanted to attempt to make comfortable uncomfortable. We wanting to take comfortable to the extent to which it wouldn’t be comfortable anymore. To do this, we tried to make the ultimate “comfortable throne” with two things: our pillows and tape. This is how that turned out:

Next, we decided to ask personal, uncomfortable questions. We wrote them, and then decided to even answer them with each other. It was a little uncomfortable, but we made it comfortable at the same time, so it made us realize you can go from a comfortable space, to an uncomfortable feeling, and back to a comfortable feeling. This is how that went:

We even decided to leave the questions in the space, and caught some people answering them:

Lastly, we decided to leave all the pillows in a chair, offering them if anyone wanted. We aren’t sure how this will turn out as of now, but we decided to do it anyway:


We chose our second space to be the area around the King Alfred Statue because it seems to be a place where everyone walks by, yet nobody seems to stop and hangout at. We asked some people to come and sit by the statue with out pillows, and whether they would want this are to be a place where they could come relax and be comfortable anytime. Their responses differed, especially because in the winter, no place outdoors will be very comfortable no matter how many pillows there are. We also got the response that because so many people constantly pass through, that it wouldn’t be a great spot to sit if you want to relax. Some people also said they would, so that they wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the dorm so that they could sit and relax.

Here is what the space looked like:

(they were actually doing homework here, for real)

Overall, it was a lot more difficult to intervene at King Alfred but expanding on our intervention at the Moka Joka felt very  successful.


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