SeeLab: Lisa Klakulak

Lisa Klakulak is a textile artist who studied at the University of Colorado beginning in 1993. She then graduated from Colorado State in 1997 with a BFA in Fiber Arts. She later took an Artist-in-Residence position at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Tennessee. It is here where she explored felt as a medium. She now creates wearable textiles, accessories, and sculptures. She also advocates for fiber art in the visual art curriculum and raises cultural awareness through her travels around the world. Here is some of her work:



SeeLab: Paula Rego

Paula Rego is a Portuguese painter born in 1935. She is most known for her paintings that are based on storybooks. Rego was sent to the UK where she studied at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1952 until 1956. While she was in school, she began exhibiting with The London Group. Since then, she has exhibited her work in many shows, both solo and as part of a group.


Rego’s most well-known pieces are depictions of folk tales and of little girls, produced from the 1990’s until today. She has been influenced by surrealism avant-garde work, as well as the Old Masters.

In the 1990’s, Rego began using pastels as her main medium and continues that to this day. In her latest work, Rego deals a lot with the idea of feminism. This is most prominently shown in her series “Dog Women,” shown here:

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SeeLab: Sketch of the Day, Day 9

For today’s sketch, I wanted to plan out my Empty The Pen Assignment. I made some random shapes in the same way that I did on my bigger piece of paper, and brainstormed some ways in which I could fill the page. Some of these methods I liked, some of them I didn’t, and this made me glad that I did a little experimentation before I went straight to the final piece. I plan on continuing this method of brainstorming throughout the process of completing my Empty the Pen piece.


SeeLab: Sketch of the Day, Days 7 and 8

Here is Sunday’s sketch. I took an old ink mess that I found in a sketch book and made it into a creepy bunny. I also documented the cool texture from the ink on the opposite page (sorry for the bad quality pic, it wasn’t easy to get a clear picture of it)

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For Monday’s sketch, I did one from looking in the mirror. My favorite sketches seem to always be the quick pen sketches I do by observing something.


P.S.: I like the writing from the page before coming through the paper on this one. It adds a little bit of mystery that I never intended to be there, and didn’t even notice until I took the picture…

SeeLab: I Cannot Keep up on Daily Blogs, Apparently. Sketch of the Day: Days 3, 4, 5, and 6.

,Wednesday’s Sketch:


This is a weird, colorful, quick self-portrait I decided to do.

Thursday, I did the contour drawings of 3 objects for Monday’s class:

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I really like the sunglasses when they were closed, the stapler when it was open on its side, and the lipstick when the applicator was sticking out of the tube. I think those are the angles I want to use for the installation.

Friday’s Sketch:


Here I took a contour drawing and added in colors and patterns. I don’t really like this one so much.

Saturday’s Sketch:


Here I did some roses with simple shapes. I like the way these turned out and I plan on continuing on with them.