SeeLab: Sketches of the Day, Days 10-20

I have no idea what sketches I did on what days, so here is a collection of a bunch of sketches I’ve done recently:



SeeLab: Sketch of the Day, Day 9

For today’s sketch, I wanted to plan out my Empty The Pen Assignment. I made some random shapes in the same way that I did on my bigger piece of paper, and brainstormed some ways in which I could fill the page. Some of these methods I liked, some of them I didn’t, and this made me glad that I did a little experimentation before I went straight to the final piece. I plan on continuing this method of brainstorming throughout the process of completing my Empty the Pen piece.


SeeLab: Sketch of the Day, Days 7 and 8

Here is Sunday’s sketch. I took an old ink mess that I found in a sketch book and made it into a creepy bunny. I also documented the cool texture from the ink on the opposite page (sorry for the bad quality pic, it wasn’t easy to get a clear picture of it)

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For Monday’s sketch, I did one from looking in the mirror. My favorite sketches seem to always be the quick pen sketches I do by observing something.


P.S.: I like the writing from the page before coming through the paper on this one. It adds a little bit of mystery that I never intended to be there, and didn’t even notice until I took the picture…

SeeLab: I Cannot Keep up on Daily Blogs, Apparently. Sketch of the Day: Days 3, 4, 5, and 6.

,Wednesday’s Sketch:


This is a weird, colorful, quick self-portrait I decided to do.

Thursday, I did the contour drawings of 3 objects for Monday’s class:

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I really like the sunglasses when they were closed, the stapler when it was open on its side, and the lipstick when the applicator was sticking out of the tube. I think those are the angles I want to use for the installation.

Friday’s Sketch:


Here I took a contour drawing and added in colors and patterns. I don’t really like this one so much.

Saturday’s Sketch:


Here I did some roses with simple shapes. I like the way these turned out and I plan on continuing on with them.