SeeLab: Michael Craig-Martin Inspired Final Piece and Personal Documentation

Here is the final piece of the group project we did, inspired by Michael Craig-Martin:

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Here is the documentation of my object:

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SeeLab: Sketch of the Day, Days 7 and 8

Here is Sunday’s sketch. I took an old ink mess that I found in a sketch book and made it into a creepy bunny. I also documented the cool texture from the ink on the opposite page (sorry for the bad quality pic, it wasn’t easy to get a clear picture of it)

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For Monday’s sketch, I did one from looking in the mirror. My favorite sketches seem to always be the quick pen sketches I do by observing something.


P.S.: I like the writing from the page before coming through the paper on this one. It adds a little bit of mystery that I never intended to be there, and didn’t even notice until I took the picture…

SeeLab: I Cannot Keep up on Daily Blogs, Apparently. Sketch of the Day: Days 3, 4, 5, and 6.

,Wednesday’s Sketch:


This is a weird, colorful, quick self-portrait I decided to do.

Thursday, I did the contour drawings of 3 objects for Monday’s class:

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I really like the sunglasses when they were closed, the stapler when it was open on its side, and the lipstick when the applicator was sticking out of the tube. I think those are the angles I want to use for the installation.

Friday’s Sketch:


Here I took a contour drawing and added in colors and patterns. I don’t really like this one so much.

Saturday’s Sketch:


Here I did some roses with simple shapes. I like the way these turned out and I plan onย continuing on with them.

SeeLab: Day 1

Today we began thing studio by choosing a random object and drawing it. We were told to draw it as closely to the real object we could in the time we were given.

Here are a couple shots of the progress:



Next, we took this drawing and extracted the basic shapes of the object and got a very simple contour drawing of the object.

For mine, I copied that simple contour drawing 4 times and got a pretty cool, symmetrical piece:


Here are the two pieces next to each other:


Michael Craig-Martin: My Opinion

Michael Craig-Martin is a UK-based artist who works with normal, everyday objects, simplifying them down into their basic shapes and assigns color to these shapes purely based on what color he believes belongs there.

I really enjoy his paintings because of their simplicity. Seeing his work makes me realize how complicated art can be in order to be “realistic,” when, in reality, Craig-Martin’s simple shapes and colors make the objects immediately recognizable. I think his painting’s simplicity in shape and color makes creates something that is relatable to all viewers.

Besides the everyday objects Craig-Martin paints, I really like his series “Seven Deadly Sins.” I think it’s very interesting to see what everyday objects he places throughout the lettering and provokes the thought of why those items were placed with that specific word, and whether those objects are supposed to represent that word or not.